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Forester offers a wide assortment of rotators that are suitable to your requirements.
Hydraulic Rotator is a hinged device for forest hydraulic cranes, grapples for loading of scrap metal, tow trucks, log-grapples and grapples for bulk-brake cargo. Loading capacity of hydraulic rotator is from 1000 to 16000 kg.

FHR 1.000L is the smallest rotator commonly used with the forestry ATV trailer or paving equipment in the road construction.

FHR 3.000 rotator is coast-effective solution for seasonal tasks in lighter forestry and agriculture applications.

FHR 4.500 is ideal rotator solution for using on medium forestry and agriculture trailers and other applications.

FHR 5.500 rotator is commonly used with agriculture and forestry equipment for higher loads and intensive use.

FHR 6 rotator is ideal for professional forestry and general cargo handling.

FHR 10 rotator is designed for heavy forestry and general cargo handling to meet high demands for reliability.

FHR 12FD1 and FHR 16FD1 rotators are developed for heavy duty machinery to meet the highest demands for quality and reliability.

Rotators are suitable for all hydraulic cranes Forester, Loglift, Jonsered, Hiab, Fiskars, Foresteri, Kesla, Epsilon, Palfinger, forest trailers John Deere, Timberjack, Komatsu, Ponsse, Logset, Rottne, Eco Log, JCB, logging trucks, garbage trucks, tow trucks, drilling rigs.


Rotators with a single bearing

Technical dataFHR 1.000LFHR 3.000LFHR 3.000SFFHR 4.500LFHR 4.500L/68FHR 4.500SFFHR 4.500SF/68FHR 4.500RFFHR 5.500LFHR 5.500F6
Max static load, kN10303045454545455555
Max dynamic load, kN5151525252525253030
Torque at 25 MPa, Nm3509009001200130012001300120013001300
Oil flow, l/min10202020202020202020
Weight, kg10182523273233332833
Compatibility with linkFHL01FHL01FHL01FHL01FHL01FHL01FHL01FHL01FHL01FHL01

Rotator with a double bearing

Tehnical dataFHR 6FD1FHR 6FD2FHR 6LD1/68FHR 6LD2/68FHR 6LD1/69FHR 6LD2/69FHR 6LD2/78FHR 10FD1FHR 10FD2FHR 12FD1FHR 16FD1
Max static load, kN60606060606060100100120160
Max dynamic load, kN3030303030303050506080
Torque at 25 MPa, Nm18501850185018501850185018502800280029003400
Oil flow, l/min2525252525252530303540
Weight, kg4547404240424362657475
Compatibily with linkFHL02FHL02FHL02FHL02FHL02FHL02FHL02FHL02FHL02

Rotator links and swing dampers

Technical data FHL 01FHL 01BFHL 02
Max static load, kN5555100
Weight, kg4,5612