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Log Grapple

Forester Company presents three types of grippers: bucket, gripper for scrap and forest grip. The bucket gripper is used especially for loading loose and low-flowing materials. For working with scrap metal and other free-form materials, a scrap grip is used. To work with the forest, a forest capture was created.

Forester grabs are manufactured specifically for working with wood, used for loading, unloading, dragging and stacking timber. Forester grippers for logs are used to most accurately capture one or more logs. The clamshell is equipped with the highest quality Formiko rotator.

Technical dataFG-12FG-20FG-26FG-32
Gripping area, m²
Max opening, mm1060117013701540
Height closed, mm360432517566
Max working pressure, bar175175175175
Weight, kg487596145


Technical dataGFG-120
Weight, kg49
Working pressure, bar170-190
Max working pressure, bar210
Height closed, mm297
Height when open, mm720
House width, mm262
Max opening, mm513
Max cutting diameter, mm80-120