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Forest Log Trailer

Forest Trailer Forester used in coupling with Forester Crane and presented in a wide range. Log Trailer loading capacity is 10, 12 and 14 tons, complete with upgraded cranes  FC-series is specially designed for industrial logging. These trailers are available with mechanical or hydraulic drive, which allows their use in harsh environments. In addition, trailers can be fitted with disconnecting drive wheels, which removes the speed limit when driving on roads with pavement. Designed for the collection, handling, transportation for felling, portages, mustache to logging roads, riverine forest warehouses and loading bays assortments length 2.0-8.0 m and unloading, sorting and warehousing at CTL technology

Technical dataFT-7FT-7ADFT-8FT-9FT-10FT-10DFT-10RDMFT-12FT-12D & FT-12D 4x4FT-16DFT-20
Load capacity, kg700070008000900010000100001000012000120001600020000
Loading area, m²1,81,82,02,12,32,33,82,32,32,511,8
Axle section, mm60x6060x6060x6070x7070x7070x7080x8070x7070x7080x80100x100
Frame section, mm(140x140x6)(140x140x6)(160x160x8)(160x160x8)(160x80x8)(160x80x8)2x(160x80x8)(180x180x8)2x(180x180x8)2x(200x120x10)2x(250x150x8)
Tyre size, mm400/60-15.5400/60-15.5400/60-15.5400/60-15.5400/60-15.5400/60-15.5500/50-17500/50-17500/50-17500/50-17500/50-17
Length of loading area, mm303031103650/47003290/43404300/52753925/537540404275/52254340500011130
Total length, mm511049205545/66304900/59856260/71706140/721060906170/71156460737512910
Width, mm21102090235522602150216023502370255025502460
Trailer weight, kg2110180090014501100120015001655150038003280
Hydraulic brakes-++++++++++
Support legs+++++++++++
Frame extension--++++-+---
Recommended with cranesFC-41, FC-53, FC-67LFC-41, FC-53, FC-67LFC-53, FC-67L, FC-67, FC-72FC-53, FC-67L, FC-67, FC-72FC-53, FC-67L, FC-67, FC-72FC-53, FC-67L, FC-67, FC-72FC-67, FC-72, FC-7000S, FC-85FC-65, FC-67L, FC-67, FC-72FC-67, FC-72, FC-7000S, FC-85FC-67, FC-72, FC-7000S, FC-85FC-67, FC-72, FC-7000S, FC-85