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Forest Crane

Forest Crane Forester is needed on any production, work on which is related with solid loads and movements of the large mass of products. For people who want to buy Forester Crane, a decisive role is played not by the price of the device, but its quality and reliability.

For each manufactured Forest Crane we give a factory warranty. Warranty service of Forester Cranes and delivery of parts required for the repair carried out by us in the shortest possible time. If you are doing with forest harvesting, our experts will help you in buying of Forest Crane, log grapple and will provide you with the delivery.


  • The design of the rotary column allows to withstand extreme loads;
  • The use of hydraulic control valves ensures smooth running and high speed of operation;
  • The entire hydraulic system is equipped with hydraulic locks;
  • The hydraulic system is equipped with reliable protection against mechanical damage to the system components, pipelines and RVD;
  • Hydraulic locks protect the CMU from overload, thereby ensuring the requirements of the standards and increasing the service life of hydraulic manipulators;
  • Hydraulic equipment is characterized by maximum reliability of operation, high productivity, perfect product quality, versatility, modern level of automation;
  • Excellent balance and easy handling of crane-manipulator plants for all components;

12 Reasons to Purchase a «FORESTER» Hydraulic Manipulator:

  1. The metal structure is made of Swedish steel Hardox, Domex and Weldox, which allows you to reduce the weight of the equipment without reducing the strength.
  2. The minimum possible weight of the hydraulic manipulator significantly increases the permissible mass of the load.
  3. Operating temperature -40 ° C to + 40 ° C.
  4. Qualitative welding - the ultrasonic inspection of welding seams is carried out.
  5. The boom and grapple holder in the folded state of the hydraulic manipulator.
  6. Dual-circuit hydraulic system provides high performance and reliable operation. Hydromanipulator can perform up to 6 operations simultaneously.
  7. Hydraulic control of outriggers and supports from the top seat.
  8. Hydromanipulator supports automatically rotate by 45 °.
  9. Convenient and comfortable operator's seat - according to owners' reviews.
  10. Hydraulic manipulators "FORESTER" are designed for an average of 10.000 operating hours of operation.
  11. Service life of the metal structure of the hydraulic manipulator is 15 years.
  12. The most favorable price among high-quality analogues.

Technical dataFC-41FC-53FC-65FC-67FC-67LFC-72FC-85FC-7000S
Lifting capacity at max. outreach, kg300700620620500570800900
Max. outreach, mm41005300659069506700720085007000
Telescope(s) outreach, mm--115613481250160028001248
Slewing cylinders, pcs44444444
Slewing angle, degrees360360360360360360360360
Max. operating pressure, bar160175175175175175175175
Slewing torque, kNm711,111,111,111,111,11515
Lifting torque, gross kNm2844526352637575
Booms, pcs11222232
Weight, kg3505507307506008251230825