Forester LogTrailer FT-12 with FC-67 metsatõstuk

Forester LogTrailer FT-12 with FC-67 metsatõstuk is used for year-round pick up of logs 2-8 meters long from forest plots, for loading and unloading operations, transportation of timber assortment on public roads. Frame design of semitrailers is one and two-girder, semitrailers are fitted with electrical equipment, operating and parking brake systems.

Technical specifications of FT-12 
Maximum load capacity, kg12000
Length of the cargo compartment, mm4900
Ground clearance, mm430
Overall dimensions, LxWxH6750х2400х2350
Tyre size, inch400/60-15,5
Weight of the semitrailer, including a base with outriggers, kg2500

Technical specifications of FC-67 
Lifting torque, kNm35 ― 45
Maximum reach (relative to the axis of the rotary column), m6,7
Maximum load capacity (without grip and rotator), kg
 At radius of 4 m870
 At the largest radius680
Maximum angle of rotation of the column hydraulic manipulator in the horizontal plane, deg. 400
Moment of rotation of the column, kNm12,5
Pressure of the working fluid in the hydraulic system, MPa
Nominal pressure18
Relief valve operating pressure18,5
Pump capacity, l/min30... 60
Weight (with grip and rotator), kg870
Rotation angle of the working body, deg.unlimited

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