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The woodwork is one of the most dangerous farm works of the year. Whatever the weather conditions the work involves risks and thus requires the highest focus from the worker. In order to make the work easy and safe one needs professional equipment that is robust in design, easy to control and that can be customized.

Forester Crane  is a producer of high quality and well-functioning machinery for the forest industry. With decades of solution-orientation and highly reliable timber cranes and trailers Forester Crane  provides you the best solutions for your every need. Our products have high reputation because of their long durability and good technical capabilities.

Forester Crane  timber cranes and trailers can help to turn your farm tractor to become a modern forest machine capable of nearly the same performance as a timber-carrying forwarder. All this at lower initial cost and flexibility for multiple use. With an outreach of 4.1 to 8.5 meters and impressive lifting and slewing torque choosing a Forester Crane  crane will improve your work efficiency and productivity. Each timber crane has a modular structure so accessories can be added as needed. On the trailer side Forester Crane  guarantee the best mobility ever. Thanks to the “light” weight and the impressive loading capacity of our trailers you will be able to drive through the forestry paths.

Please contact us before purchasing a Forester Crane  product to ask for the best price-quote.

  • Mobility
    Light weighted products give you the chance to drive easily through the forestry paths.
  • Productivity
    We use the best quality components to assure high efficiency for your forest works.
  • Durability
    With 60 years of constant engineering and customer feedback, our products are made to last.

Innovative products for an easy work

Forester Crane ’s products are the result of many years of incremental developments. Thanks to an extensive distribution network in many countries, we have been able to identify and respond to various special needs of our customers.

For example, some of the latest technical improvements in our products are:

  • Developed wheels driving system in our RDM models
  • New high-tech polyurethane-painting to resist exposure to a harsh mechanical abrasion
  • All our components are designed and developed with modern CAD programs
  • Using the Finite Element Calculation, Field and Endurance tests are constantly implied.

After many years of being in the forest industry business, we value the importance of strong relationships. Our idea is to have long-term collaboration between our company, distribution network and end-customers.

Our partners represent for us more than a bunch of pretty logos. We love these people.

CEO, Forester Crane

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About us

Innovative products for an easy work.

Forester Crane  has a long history in the forestry equipment business. The company through the years has built a net of export markets in most of the European countries. Our main export markets are Sweden, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Norway, England, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Slovenia and Poland. The main products are carriages, cranes, grapples, winches and all what you need for hard forest works. The production has always been addressed towards incremental development issues. So far, we have built unique expertise about the needs of our customers.

Our aim is to:

  • Innovate our products to offer to our end-customers the best products and solutions for their hard work;
  • Extend our base business to reach new markets;

Reduce costs to grant the lowest possible prices, not affecting the level of quality of our products.

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