Forester produces timber trailers, hydraulic cranes, manipulators and technological equipment for different spheres of activity. Many specialized machines are used in logging operations, construction and agriculture. Among these machines there are manipulators, loading and unloading devices, mechanized agricultural loaders of manipulator type, log trucks and timber trucks.

At all stages of production works the system of management of product lifecycle. The company has a stockpiling, machining and assembly-welding productions, areas of fabrication and repairs. In all types of production modern welding and metalworking equipment is used. Welding manufacture and welding equipment were certified for the production of welded structures for cranes and metal handling equipment, welders were certified for conducting welding of related equipment. The designers of the company were vetted for the right of design of crane manipulators. At the enterprise there was found and certified the laboratory of control of welded joints.

Thanks to skilled workers and high-tech equipment, our company produces metal products and provides various types of metal working in time:

  • cutting of sheet metal up to 150 mm thickness and dimensions of the sheet 2000×6000 mm on gas machine tools for cutting with a computerized control system;
  • cutting of round billets with chamfer cutter with a variable angle of inclination on the basis of ABB robotic system;
  • bending of pieces of sheet metal thickness of 10 mm and a length of the bend up to 6000 mm on roll sheet bending presses with brake force of 400 tons;
  • turning processing of precision parts diameter of 450 mm and a length of 750 mm;
  • processing of body parts with dimensions 800х800х850 and weighing up to 2000 kg at 4 axis machining centers with a computerized control system;
  • processing of body parts with dimensions 5000х1250х2000 and weighing up to 12000 kg on the horizontal boring and milling machines with computerized control system;
  • production of welded box-section designs of the low-alloy steels by the methd of automatic welding of longitudinal seams up to 4,000 mm in length;
  • production of welded structures (supports, girders, etc.)