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Our aims

When working with customers, our aims are:

  • Production of high quality products, supply of equipment and products in time;
  • Implementation of guarantees;
  • Compliance with quality standards and customer requirements.

When working with the suppliers, our aims are:

  • Long-term mutually beneficial cooperation;
  • Guaranteed delivery of high-quality materials.

When working with the staff, our aims are:

  • Creating a supportive and friendly working atmosphere;
  • Respect and observance of employees’ rights;
  • Creation of a code of ethics of the company;
  • Concern about the health of employees;
  • Motivating employees to grow and develop professional knowledge and skills.


  • Professionalism and deep knowledge;
  • Honest, reliable and open relationship with our partners;
  • Constructive work with customers and partners;
  • Concerted teamwork;
  • Respect for the environment;
  • Re-use of waste;
  • Safety in the workplace.


We want to be:

  • a modern and competitive company,
  • a leader in the production of highly specialized and bulky equipment,
  • a reliable subcontractor.


We value long-term cooperation with customers and suppliers, because it determines the profits of our company, its development and effectiveness.


Environment and nature are priceless things. We strive to minimize the negative impact of our activities on the environment. Our company uses Environmental Management System ISO 14001.
We choose the suppliers who are certified with ISO 14001, and pay great attention to waste management.


We pay great attention to the health of the employees, statutory compliance and safety in the workplace.

  • We carry out regular medical check-up of all employees;
  • We prepare and study the risk analysis;
  • We use modern personal protection;
  • We optimize technological processes;
  • We monitor the cleanliness of working clothes and industrial premises;
  • The company uses Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems. The company has been certified OHSAS 18001:2007.